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Greetings! My name is Shrijana, and I am the founder of Karuna. As a birth and postpartum doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, and Newborn Care Specialist, I am here to assist you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

In my role as a birth and postpartum doula, I provide emotional, physical, and educational support to both you and your partner. My training encompasses childbirth education, breastfeeding assistance, newborn sleep guidance, postpartum care, and much more.

My passion for birth work was ignited when I experienced the birth of my own child. The amazing strength and resilience displayed by the human body during childbirth left an indelible mark on me, inspiring me to pursue a career in this field. After leaving the corporate world behind, I decided to dedicate my time to helping Denver families as a birth worker, seeking a more personally fulfilling career path. Since then, I have devoted myself to guiding families through the life-changing experience of childbirth.

As your doula, I will collaborate with you to develop a birth plan tailored to your desires and objectives. I will supply evidence-based information to empower you to make well-informed decisions regarding your care. Throughout labor and delivery, I will stand by your side, providing comfort, advocacy, and emotional support.

Following the birth of your baby, I will continue to offer postpartum assistance, including breastfeeding help, newborn care, and guidance as you adapt to life with your new addition. I will also be available for emotional support and counsel as you navigate the highs and lows of early parenthood.

My mission is to ensure you have a positive and empowering birth experience and to support you during your transition to parenthood. I firmly believe that every family is entitled to compassionate, unbiased, and customized care during this extraordinary period.

If you would like to learn more about the services I offer, please feel free to get in touch. It would be an honor to accompany you during this transformative phase of your life.

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