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Welcome to Karuna Doula


Empowering Families on Their Journey


Karuna emerged as a shining beacon of hope in a world where overwhelmed and isolated new parents sought support. Founded by the remarkable Doula Shreejana, our mission is to empower and nurture families throughout their transformative journey from pregnancy and beyond. We understand that this phase of life can be both exhilarating and challenging, and we are here to provide you with exceptional care and guidance every step of the way.


Our team of experienced professionals comprises dedicated postpartum doulas and overnight newborn care specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure your parenting experience is extraordinary. With a deep commitment to providing personalized, evidence-based care, we are devoted to making this significant life transition as smooth and joyous as possible.


We believe in the power of laughter and strive to infuse humor into every interaction. Parenting is a beautiful adventure, and we want to ensure that you embark on it armed with a smile and a lighthearted spirit. Our doulas are skilled at sharing a chuckle even during the most intense moments, because we firmly believe that laughter is not only the best medicine but also a bonding agent that strengthens the connections within your growing family.


Choosing Karuna doula means joining a supportive and inclusive family. We celebrate your triumphs, share in your joys, and offer solace during times of loss or challenge. Our community of doulas, parents, and little ones fosters a bond that goes beyond professional support, creating lifelong connections and a sense of belonging.


We are thrilled to be a part of your journey, and we can't wait to help you navigate this transformative chapter of your life. Together, let's make your parenting experience extraordinary!


Take the first step and connect with Karuna Doulas today. Let us empower you to embrace the joys and challenges of parenthood with confidence, love, and support.



Our mission at Karuna is to empower, support, and nurture expecting and new parents as they embark on the transformative journey of parenthood. We strive to provide compassionate care and evidence-based information, personalized to each family's unique needs, to ensure that they feel confident and well-equipped to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies. We believe in infusing laughter, humor, and lightheartedness into every step of this adventure, while being fierce advocates for the well-being of our clients.

Doula Support Group


Our vision at Karuna is to create a world where all parents feel supported, informed, and empowered throughout their journey into parenthood. We aspire to be the ultimate sidekick for every family, providing exceptional care that is rooted in compassion, expertise, and a sense of community. We strive to be the go-to resource for evidence-based information and personalized support, while also creating a space that is welcoming, warm, and filled with laughter. At Karuna, we believe that every parent can be the hero of their own epic tale, and we are dedicated to helping them write a story that is equal parts heartwarming, empowering, and joyful.

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